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Thomas Hardy’s Ale is a Barley Wine whose peculiar aromas and flavours can develop over the years with a taste that matures in a manner comparable to that of the finest red wines.

The first vintage dates back to 1968 and was inspired by the classic 19th century English Barley Wines. It was aged in oak barrels. Thomas Hardy’s Ale “The Historical” is a tribute to this time-honoured tradition. This project has been released in a Limited Edition with the goal of placing Thomas Hardy’s Ale in wooden barrels and adopting ageing techniques that change every year.

The 2022 edition of “The Historical” was aged for months with French oak wood, which releases its typical roasted and spicy notes, rounding up the warm and sweet aromas of Thomas Hardy’s Ale.

ABV: 13,1%

Style: barrel aged Barley Wine

It works really well, big sugar, candy, sweet, caramel, oak, basically no carbonation, sugar, oak, candy. All oxidized sugar, oak barley wine goodness in a relatively fresh beer, oh my, really loved it.

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The same recipe aged for six months in oak barrels previously used for ageing Tennessee Whiskey.


Store away from light and heat sources. Leave the yeast to form sediment on the bottom for 24 hours before serving.


To be enjoyed at 13°C, after allowing oxygenation in a large balloon glass. Savour quietly after dinner, in front of a crackling fire.


250ml bottle with numbered and vintage-dated label.
12 bottles per case.


“It was of the most beautiful colour that the eye of an artist in beer could desire; full in body, yet brisk as a volcano; piquant, yet without a twang; luminous as an autumn sunset; free from streakiness of taste, but, finally, rather heady.”

Thomas Hardy, The Trumpet Major

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